ResourcePool V0.99xx Changelog

Recent changes for the V1.0000 branch can be found here

V0.9910 - 2002-11-25Download ]
  • The runtime overhead introduced by ResourcePool and LoadBalancer has been reduced. Depending on you configuration this release has up to 35% less overhead.
  • Fixed a bug in LoadBalancer's documentation. The Weight parameter works only for the LeastUsage policy.
  • A general code cleanup has been done to gain the performance benefits.
  • Added tests for LoadBalancer.
V0.9909 - 2002-10-07Download ]
  • A refactoring of the Singleton behavior of ResourcePool::Factory makes it possible to implement nicer factories
  • Adopted ResourcePool::Factory::Net::LDAP to have a more native interface.
  • Fixed links within the POD documentation (was broken for some pod2html translators)
  • Added documentation for Net::LDAP bindings which were lost in the previous release.
V0.9908 - 2002-09-30Download ]
  • Added documentation: ResourcePool::BigPicture, ResourcePool::UML and ResourcePool::ExtensionGuide
  • Changed Net::LDAP factory to accept the bind parameters in the same way as Net::LDAP expects them.
  • Added tests
V0.9907 - 2002-08-30Download ]
  • Fixed a major bug in Net::LDAP bindings which was introduced in V0.9906. Every LDAP connection was believed to be broken when handed back via free().
V0.9906 - 2002-07-10Download ]
  • wrapped DBI calls into eval{} blocks to make RaiseError aware.
  • It's possible to pass the options for ResourcePool and LoadBalancer using a Hash reference.
  • added tests
V0.9905 - 2002-07-05Download ]
  • A rollback() is performed on DBI sessions with AutoCommit disabled when they are free()ed.
  • free() and fail() for ResourcePool and LoadBalancer return meaningful values.
  • added tests
V0.9904 - 2002-06-04Download ]
  • Implemented the SleepOnFail option for ResourcePool and LoadBalancer.
  • Fixed typo in Net::LDAP bindings which caused incomplete error reporting (thx to Sean Welsh)
  • Fixed many typo's in the documentation (thx to Florian Helmberger)
  • Greatly improved and extended the documentation.
V0.9903 - 2001-10-15Download ]
  • first public release


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