fatalmind::gc_ptr< T, TM > Class Template Reference

#include <gc_ptr.hh>

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Detailed Description

template<class T, class TM = fatalmind::DefaultThreadedModel>
class fatalmind::gc_ptr< T, TM >

Garbage collected pointer.

Suitable to be used with STL container classes.

Public Member Functions

 gc_ptr (T *p=0)
void resetFromExisting (T *ptr)
 Use with care.
 gc_ptr (const gc_ptr< T, TM > &p) throw ()
 gc_ptr (const gc_ptr_ref< T, TM > &p) throw ()
gc_ptr< T, TM > & operator= (const gc_ptr< T, TM > &p) throw ()
T & operator * () const throw ()
T * operator-> () const throw ()
T * get () const throw ()
bool isNull () const throw ()
void reset (T *ptr=0) throw ()
bool operator< (const gc_ptr< T > &a) const
template<class Y>
 o () throw ()

Protected Member Functions

void dispose () throw ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static usg_cnt * newUsageCounter (const T *p)

Protected Attributes

T * d_ptr
usg_cnt * d_usg

Member Function Documentation

template<class T, class TM = fatalmind::DefaultThreadedModel>
void fatalmind::gc_ptr< T, TM >::resetFromExisting ( T *  ptr  )  [inline]

Use with care.

Can be used to re-create a gc_ptr out of an pointer to an object which is owned by another gc_ptr's BUT is derived from usg_cnt_t so that it is known where the counter is.

will casue undefined behviour if applied to objects on the stack

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