fatalmind::mysql::Transaction Class Reference

#include <Transaction.hh>

Inherits fatalmind::Command< PT >< fatalmind::PoolType >.

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Detailed Description

The mysql Transaction implementation.

Public Types

typedef PT pool_type

Public Member Functions

 Transaction (const Command< fatalmind::ResourceType::mysql > &)
 Transaction (const ResourcePool< ResourceType > &p, const Command< fatalmind::ResourceType::mysql > &)
 Transaction (const Transaction &)
virtual void execute (mysqlResource &)
virtual void execute (typename PT::resource_t &rr)=0
 The execute method is the one which actually carries out the work.

Protected Member Functions

virtual Clone * DoClone () const
void startTransaction (mysqlResource &)
void commit (mysqlResource &)
void rollback (mysqlResource &)
const PT::factory_t & getFactory (const ResourcePool< PT > &p) const


class ResourcePool< PT >

Member Function Documentation

template<class PT>
virtual void fatalmind::Command< PT >::execute ( typename PT::resource_t &  rr  )  [pure virtual, inherited]

The execute method is the one which actually carries out the work.

This method gets called by ResourcePool with a (valid) plain resource which was obtained from the pool.

On normal execution (no exception) the resource will be free()ed, on abnormal execution (exception) the resource will be failed. If you need to throw an functional exception which should not cause failing of the resource, derive this exception from NoFailoverException.

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