fatalmind::mysqlFactory Class Reference

#include <Factory.hh>

Inherits fatalmind::SQL::SQLFactoryInterface.

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Detailed Description

Please consider the following Event arguments:.



Public Types

enum  databaseType_t { UNDEF, OCI, MYSQL, MYSQLTX }

Public Member Functions

 mysqlFactory (const std::string &host, const std::string &user, const std::string &pass, const std::string &db, unsigned int port=3306, const std::string &sock="", ResourcePoolEventObserver &e=ResourcePoolStreamLogger::defaultLogger)
 mysqlFactory (const std::string &connect, ResourcePoolEventObserver &e=ResourcePoolStreamLogger::defaultLogger)
databaseType_t getDatabaseType () const
mysqlResource * create_resource () const
< ResourcePoolEventObserver
getEventObserver () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual Clone * DoClone () const

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