fatalmind::Thread Class Reference

#include <Thread.hh>

Inherited by fatalmind::TaskRunner.

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Detailed Description

A representation of a Thread.

A Thread can execute a single Task, when the Task has finished, the thread will terminate.

If you need to run multiple tasks and don't want to create multiple Threads for that you can use a TaskRunner or TaskRunnerPool.

Public Member Functions

template<class D>
void start (std::auto_ptr< D > a)
template<class D>
void start (gc_ptr< D, MultiThreadedModel<> > a)
void start (std::auto_ptr< Task >)
void start (gc_ptr< Task, MultiThreadedModel<> >)
void detach ()
void join ()
const std::string & getThreadID () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void yield ()
static std::ostream & printSelf (std::ostream &)

Protected Member Functions

void start (Task *)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void * jumpinpoint (void *arg)

Protected Attributes

CommonPtr< Task,
MultiThreadedModel<> > 
bool d_started
pthread_t d_threadid
std::string d_strthreadid


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const Thread &)

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